This nature conservation area near the city of Xanten is one of Germany's few remaining river meadow landscapes. It was created by changes in the course of the Rhine river and the present landscape was formed about 200 years ago. It is of great importance particularly for birds which depend on wetlands. The area is about 12km2 in total of which 9km2 are under special protection - it is a wintering and nesting site for wild Arctic geese and rare, endangered species. In addition to birdlife, many rare species of butterfly and snail can be observed here.

Photo 1-3: Information center located at a main road through a village like area with a small parking lot nearby.

Photo 1, © Andreas Kim

Photo 2, © Andreas Kim

Photo 3, © Andreas Kim

Photos 4-8: At every lake wodden hides (Photos 4 & 5) are accessible on vegetation enclosed pathes only. Only small windows allow a view (Photos 6-8).

Photo 4, © Andreas Kim

Photo 5, © Andreas Kim

Photo 6, © Andreas Kim

Photo 7, © Andreas Kim

Photo 8, © Andreas Kim

Photo 9: Old trees along a main road through the site.

Photo 9, © Andreas Kim

Photos 10-12: Only few and small signs are used to inform visitors about the histoy and access of the site.

Photo 10, © Andreas Kim

Photo 11, © Andreas Kim

Photo 12, © Andreas Kim

Photos 13-14: Wintering geese

Photo 13, © Andreas Kim

Photo 14, © Andreas Kim